About us

Restaurant “Happy below the hill” is an elegant, completely renovated restaurant, located in the old town of Plovdiv near The Church of the Holy Mother of God.

The combination of a stylish atmosphere and quality service leaves a feeling of comfort and coziness to every guest.

The restaurant owners’ idea and their team is to create a place to experience the different culinary tastes.

Happy below the hill is a place for connoisseur of sophisticated culinary delights, as well as for people who are ready to get acquainted with new taste sensations.

Our rich menu and the appearance of every served dish will make you truly impressed. Each meal in the menu combines good taste.

You will be fascinated by the modern interior solutions with the intervention of vintage sound that takes us back to the 30s and 40s of the last century.

The kitchen is entirely homemade with quality and specially selected products, with an accent to the modern and advanced cooking techniques. You can rely on Happy below the hill for traditional and old recipes in innovative way with selected drink or just a cup of coffee.

The restaurant fulfills any special orders. For your personal occasion you would have specific menu compliant to you and your guests.